In 2017, through the hard work of Clean Coasts Ballynamona and the community of the village, Ballycotton became the first recognised #ThinkBeforeYouFlush village in Ireland.  This campaign earned Clean Coasts Ballynamona an An Taisce Ocean Hero Award sponsored by Irish Water.

Sewage Related Litter is made up of sanitary products and other items that are flushed down public and private toilets and end up littering inland and coastal waterways. Such litter typically consists of cotton bud sticks, sanitary towels, backing strips, tampons, plastic tampon applicators, cotton wool, condoms, cigarette stubs, facial cleansing wipes, baby wipes, dental floss and toilet fresheners. Less common items include nappies, plasters, medicines and toilet roll tubes.

Sewage related litter enters the sewer system but this system is not designed to process them. Smaller items that are flushed, such as cotton buds, can escape through wastewater filters at the treatment plant and reach our rivers and beaches. Many other dangerous and unsuitable items are also incorrectly disposed of through the toilet into the sewage system, such as razor blades, healthcare waste and medicine. As we do not have a waste water treatment system locally, this ends up in our bay and on our beaches.

If you're not living locally to the Ballycotton Bay area, but would like to join the National campaign, click here.