We're the Adults now - annoying isn't it?!

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Teens are not great at responsibility. They look mature, more mature than they ever have. Everyone seems to have noticed this. We keep hearing things like "They're so grown-up these days!!" "So mature, so much earlier!" Well, here's the thing - it seems they're not as mature as we thought. They just look like they are.

Actually, the newest research shows that psychosocially, brains are now maturing later than we thought. That teenagers are now teenagers until as late as 25 ... some say even 28... (sorry!!)

That means we can't absolve ourselves of our "grown-up" job. We need to keep them safe, set boundaries, say that smallest yet hardest of all words - "NO". And we need to say it a lot more often in order to protect them, theirs and our future, and the future of our already fragile environment.

I watched a Facebook thread unravel last evening where people correctly pointed out that they (we) too behaved poorly as teens. I definitely did. Some of you were with me! We were, one might say, a bit... mad, yes. Does this mean we should throw our hands up in the air like helpless victims and say "ah sure we did the same" when we see teens behaving really, really badly? ( I mean reeeeeally badly)

We never did what these guys did, that's for sure... But I digress.

I want to issue a plea to all adults (note - not just parents!):

Even though it's hard, and we'll be unpopular, and uncool and annoying and old, we gotta say "no". I'm betting most of your parents said no. Most of the fun around poor behaviour is either the risk of, or actually getting caught. My favourite stories from